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The shift toward hybrid, virtual or decentralized trials.

As clinical research teams prepare to support hybrid, virtual, and decentralized trials, they are rethinking their processes and leveraging technology in new ways – resulting in accelerated patient recruitment, improved efficiency, and reduced costs. The Mednet team continues to monitor trends across the industry. We are actively translating requirements for hybrid, virtual, and decentralized trials into our product strategy.  Our prioritization of flexibility within the iMednet platform serves our clients well as they embark on the journey toward decentralized trials.  

20 years strong

For two decades, Mednet has partnered with sponsors and CROs to deliver innovative solutions that position teams for clinical trials today and tomorrow. To learn more about the iMednet platform and our approach to decentralized trials and other study designs, contact us



    Decentralized Trials:
    A Flexible Continuum

    Our latest whitepaper explores the evolution of clinical trials through an industry survey of sponsors and CROs and the factors driving technological innovation – such as accelerated patient recruitment, improved efficiency, and reduced costs.

    Mednet’s Flexible Platform and API Delivers Point Solution Connectivity

    As the requirements for the suite of tools needed to support clinical trials continue to grow, Mednet’s flexible platform designed with a robust solution and feature set, while allowing for integrations is posed to meet the needs of most clinical research designs.

    Since our founding twenty years ago, the industry has evolved significantly, and so have our capabilities, but our mission remains the same. Our goal is to provide the most innovative, efficient and effective eClinical solutions to accelerate clinical development, enabling our life science customers to focus on what matters most – improving healthcare for people worldwide.

    – Rob Robertson, Mednet CEO

    Pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology and Contract Research Organizations (CROs) around the world have trusted Mednet for nearly 20 years to deliver the technology innovation, experience and reliability they need for success.



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