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Ensure Accuracy and Transparency with iMednet Clinical Trial Payment Solutions

Manually reviewing and approving site payments can be time consuming, costly and prone to errors. iMednet Payments quickly automates this process so study administrators can easily apply site-specific study budgets, view and approve eligible payments, and access a complete transaction history. As a native module in our comprehensive eClinical platform, iMednet’s clinical trial payment system has been deployed and trusted by sponsors and CROs worldwide.

Eliminate the likelihood of human error

iMednet’s clinical trial payment system can help organize and execute your payments without a lot of tedious manual intervention. With the automatic payment manager directly in your EDC, you can significantly reduce the potential of incorrectly distributing money to research sites.

Take full control of your site payments

As a native module, iMednet payment system is comprehensive, flexible, and secure – providing a unified platform in which all payment management occurs in one place. This serves to further limit error while maximizing efficiency as other programs necessitate jumping from one system to another.

Customize payment triggers across an entire study in minutes

Payment checkpoints (Mednet calls these triggers) in the payment system can be configured in minutes and rapidly applied across an entire study. Our budget application is fully customizable and can be created in a site-specific manner – providing improved visibility, accountability and site satisfaction.

Enhance visibility and site satisfaction

An automated payment manager is vital to creating a successful clinical trial that requires budgeting for both patient-specific and non-patient-specific overhead. Monitor the transaction history page for access to real-time data and allows for filtering and exporting of a variety of reports, including; progress reports, payment reports, and auditing reports.

A Complete Solution

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