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The iMednet eClinical platform offers a cost-effective solution with a full suite of native tools to simplify and shorten study build times, increase efficiency in study execution, and minimize costs through the duration of the study.

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Delivering flexible, intuitive technologies research sponsors need.

The clinical research industry is rapidly evolving, with advances in medicine and technology changing the way clinical trials are designed and conducted. To keep pace, sponsors need flexible, intuitive technologies to enable them to keep up with evolving industry requirements. Mednet’s platform is uniquely designed to be exceptionally flexible and easy to use – and all backed by a best-in-class service team supporting a wide range of studies from small, early stage studies to large, late stage trials across dozens of sites.

23 years strong

For over two decades, research sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) around the world have trusted Mednet to deliver the technology innovation, experience and reliability they need for success.

One platform, multiple study types

Medical device, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other research organizations around the world use Mednet’s comprehensive clinical data management system to conduct their clinical trials. Centered around a robust EDC and built from the ground up with key native modules – while also allowing for integration of other technologies – the iMednet platform is an optimal solution for all study types and therapeutic categories of clinical research.

Get your studies up and running quickly

iMednet is highly flexible and intuitive, enabling research sponsors to get their studies up and running quickly, while ensuring easy onboarding of the entire research team and clinical trials sites.

Ensure success – access support where and when you need it

Each organization, research team and study is unique, so our approach to customer success is multifaceted, providing sponsor teams – large or small – with the right level of support when they need it. Ranging from completely self-service models to delivering expert study build services, Mednet’s team and approach is uniquely designed to support a wide range of study requirements and needs.

Easily configure and manage your own clinical studies.

iMednet is a comprehensive, EDC-centric eClinical platform built from the ground up with key native modules – such as RTSM, adjudication, ePRO, and payments. Designed to allow easy integrations, the platform enables research teams to meet the rapidly evolving requirements of clinical research, while supporting a wide range of study types and designs – including traditional, hybrid and decentralized trials

Everything you need, at your fingertips.

Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

At the core of our platform, iMednet EDC is highly flexible and intuitive, enabling users to get clinical trials up and running quickly.


iMednet Randomization supports a wide range of variance and complexity, making it quick and easy to randomize patients.

Trial Supply Management

iMednet makes it easy to manage research product inventory, including auto assignments, auto resupply, manual requests, shipments, tracking and reporting.


iMednet Payments enables research teams to easily set up robust, customizable payment triggers across an entire study  ̶  improving efficiency, visibility and site satisfaction.


iMednet ePRO, optimized for mobile devices, allows subjects or coordinators to intuitively enter study-related information, and is accessible – anytime, anywhere.


The iMednet Adjudication module provides complete visibility and is highly flexible, enabling you to adapt any adjudication workflow. 


iMednet eConsent ensures a secure, simple and efficient electronic informed consent process for study participants and site users – supporting traditional, hybrid and decentralized trials.


iMednet’s API allows clinical research teams to easily integrate with the full eClinical ecosystem, including eConsent, CTMS, eTMF, data lakes, wearables, patient recruitment, and more.

Dicom Imaging

The new Imaging module is designed to provide a simple, cost-effective, and secure approach to upload, store and review medical imaging in iMednet, with direct links to the DICOM viewer. 


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“I can’t sing praises high enough for iMednet EDC and the Mednet team, especially for your great support of start-ups.”

– Director of Clinical Data Management, Pharmaceutical Sponsor

Biotech Comp

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“We highly valued Anna’s partnership as we were building the EDC – she was incredibly supportive, resourceful, creative, and dedicated…Of all the vendors that we’ve worked with, Anna and iMednet absolutely stood out in our minds.”

– CEO, Biotechnology Company


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“The system is really easy to use, not only for us, but for our end users. It makes life easy for developers and even for users without a technical background.”

– Clinical Data Manager, Clinlogix (Now part of NAMSA)


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“Jody has been phenomenal to work with – from onboarding to turning the training around to teach my team…In the world of EDC systems, it’s important to realize customer service is what sets one competitor apart from another, and Jody nails it!”

– Clinical Research Manager, Corindus


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“Stacey is so talented and easy to work with…Her leadership throughout the process was extremely helpful in keeping things moving along and completed in a timely manner, and often times, ahead of schedule!”

– Sr. Clinical Research Associate, Gala Therapeutics

Medical Device Sponso

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“I have been working with Mednet on my clinical studies since 2012…If more companies were as responsive as Mednet, it would be a better world. :)”

– Clinical Research Associate, Medical Device Sponsor


Customer Success: A Definitive Model for Accelerating Clinical Research

As clinical trials become more complex, customer success strategies that encompass powerful modern technologies play an increasingly critical role. Mednet applies a multi-dimensional customer success model to meet its customers’ wide range of requirements and needs.

Decentralized Clinical Trial Information

Pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology and Contract Research Organizations (CROs) around the world have trusted Mednet for over 23 years to deliver the technology innovation, experience and reliability they need for success.



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