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Simplify ePRO Collection for Clinical Trials

With an increasing focus on virtual participation and patient engagement, electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePRO) tools for clinical trials are an important solution for today’s study designs and requirements. iMednet ePRO module streamlines the process by making onsite and offsite data capture easy for both study participants and research coordinators. iMednet ePRO, optimized for mobile devices, allows subjects or coordinators to intuitively enter study-related information, and is accessible – anytime, anywhere.

Easily create standard or customized questionnaires

Built as a native module within a comprehensive eClinical platform, iMednet ePRO for clinical trials streamlines the process for study designers to build ePRO questionnaires. The module easily accommodates commonly used form templates using standard instruments, such as Euroqol EQ-5D, while also supporting highly customized questionnaires.

Highly intuitive and easy to administer

As an extension of iMednet EDC, site users can seamlessly navigate to the ePRO module and also access it on a tablet or mobile device. Customized columns in the ePRO list can include variables such as date of birth, patient ID, email address or other identifiers to make it easy for research team members to identify the correct study participant and assign appropriate questionnaires.

Accessible and easy for study participants

Developed as an end-to-end solution, iMednet ePRO is designed to be highly intuitive and easy-to-use for study participants. iMednet ePRO for clinical trials is accessible and optimized for any tablet or mobile device, participants can access the questionnaires without needing to download a unique app. The interface is simple and modern with a tile format, swipe navigation and visual cues and prompts, making it easy for the participant to determine what they need to do next. System reminders alert participants when due dates are approaching.

Track status and easily access real-time reports

As part of the comprehensive iMednet platform, the research team can easily access real-time reports and status of PROs at any time. Intuitive dashboards and reports provide visibility to the number of questionnaires assigned and the status of completion and the study, site and participant level.

A Complete Solution

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