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The iMednet eClinical platform offers a cost-effective solution with a full suite of native tools to simplify and shorten study build times, increase efficiency in study execution, and minimize costs through the duration of the study.

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Our Complete EDC-centric eClinical Solution

Optimize your clinical trials with iMednet, a cost-effective clinical data management system, centered around a robust EDC with a full suite of native modules. Designed to also allow easy integrations, the platform enables research teams to meet the rapidly evolving requirements of clinical research, while supporting a wide range of study types and designs. iMednet is highly flexible and intuitive, enabling users to get studies up and running quickly, while ensuring easy onboarding of the entire research team and clinical trials sites. Request more information >

Robust EDC

At the core of our comprehensive eClinical platform, iMednet EDC is uniquely designed to help sponsors and CROs achieve their clinical research goals. Highly flexible, it enables you to build studies quickly, while easily adapting to complex protocols and mid-study changes with ease.


Premium Native Modules

Optimize your clinical trials with quick access to a comprehensive suite of native clinical research capabilities while also allowing easy integrations. While iMednet EDC is the cornerstone of the platform, sometimes you need additional capabilities – whether it is randomization, trial supply management, adjudication, ePRO, payments or more.

Flexible API

Mednet makes it easy to export or import clinical trial data. Whether through its Data Import Manager or API, iMednet is designed to efficiently share data with other systems and effectively meet the evolving demands of today’s study designs and requirements. iMednet API allows clinical research teams to easily integrate with the full eClinical ecosystem, including eConsent, data lakes, wearables, patient recruitment, CTMS, eTMF, analytics and more.

  • CTMS
  • eTMF

Everything you need, at your fingertips.

Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

At the core of our platform, iMednet EDC is highly flexible and intuitive, enabling users to get clinical trials up and running quickly.


iMednet Randomization supports a wide range of variance and complexity, making it quick and easy to randomize patients.

Trial Supply Management

iMednet makes it easy to manage research product inventory, including auto assignments, auto resupply, manual requests, shipments, tracking and reporting.


iMednet Payments enables research teams to easily set up robust, customizable payment triggers across an entire study  ̶  improving efficiency, visibility and site satisfaction.


iMednet ePRO, optimized for mobile devices, allows subjects or coordinators to intuitively enter study-related information, and is accessible – anytime, anywhere.


The iMednet Adjudication module provides complete visibility and is highly flexible, enabling you to adapt any adjudication workflow. 


iMednet eConsent ensures a secure, simple and efficient electronic informed consent process for study participants and site users – supporting traditional, hybrid and decentralized trials.


iMednet’s API allows clinical research teams to easily integrate with the full eClinical ecosystem, including eConsent, CTMS, eTMF, data lakes, wearables, patient recruitment, and more.

Dicom Imaging

The new Imaging module is designed to provide a simple, cost-effective, and secure approach to upload, store and review medical imaging in iMednet, with direct links to the DICOM viewer. 

Contact us for an introduction to Mednet's comprehensive EDC-centric eClinical platform with key native modules to support all study types and phases – such as randomization, trial supply management, adjudication, ePRO, payments, DICOM imaging, eConsent and more. 

Designed to help you achieve success.

Intelligent Build Tools

Simplified wizards make complex study builds easy.

Data Quality

Form edit checks and other rules ensure accurate data and increase efficiency.

Intuitive Platform

Easy to navigate, monitor jobs and prioritize tasks. 

Rapid Site Adoption

Comprehensive feature set makes it easy and quick to onboard and perform site tasks.

Inspired Design

Creative development suite enables complete flexibility in study design.

Competitive Pricing

Native modules, predictable pricing create a cost-efficient solution for all study types.

“Having all of your clinical data, but also your external data, which is important too in a clinical trial – having that together, that really makes a difference.”

Pascal Groenen, Factory CRO