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iMednet is a comprehensive, cloud-based, clinical data management system, centered around a robust EDC and built from the ground up with key native modules.

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Easily Integrate Systems Using iMednet API

Mednet makes it easy to export or import clinical trial data. Whether through its Data Import Manager or API, iMednet is designed to efficiently integrate and also share data with other systems to effectively meet the evolving demands of today’s study designs and requirements. iMednet’s API allows clinical research teams to easily integrate with a wide range of other clinical research technologies, including CTMS, eCOA, eTMF, eConsent and more.

Easily access, store, analyze and leverage clinical research data

As clinical trials evolve, so do the number and variety of data sources. The iMednet API simplifies and streamlines data import and extraction, making it easier to access, analyze and leverage clinical research data. The easy-to-use API enables you to quickly integrate external data sources into iMednet or export data into external applications.

Streamline data extraction

Designed as a collection of the common data endpoints captured in a clinical trial, the iMednet API includes endpoints for both EDC design elements as well as EDC data captured within a study. Combined, these endpoints tell the entire story of the clinical trial data. The API also allows developers of web programs to extract data in real-time, regardless if they have access to the iMednet system.

Easily import external data sources

Any patient eCRF in iMednet can be injected with data from an external system via the iMednet API. This enables research teams to manage another workflow in an external system, yet easily integrate and push the data into iMednet EDC.

Access data quickly without disruption

The iMednet API copies data from the production EDC database to a read-only database for API customers. This makes the data highly available, while also ensuring no disruption with an active clinical trial. Once a study is activated for API, the data updates every 15 minutes to ensure API users are always able to extract their key datapoints via the API quickly and easily.

Get support when you need it

In addition to Mednet’s customer success team, developers can access support for using the API at any time through the iMednet API Portal, which provides detailed guidance and documentation.

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A Complete Solution

Contact us for an introduction to Mednet's comprehensive EDC-centric eClinical platform with key native modules to support all study types and phases – such as randomization, trial supply management, adjudication, ePRO, payments, DICOM imaging and more.