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ePRO Enhancements Improve User Experience and Enables Remote Clinical Trial Participation

MINNEAPOLIS – December 16, 2020 – Today Mednet, a healthcare technology company, announced its latest software release featuring expanded electronic patient reported outcomes (ePRO) capabilities.  The new ePRO module is designed to increase patient engagement and further enable remote participation, an increasingly important requirement in the COVID-19 era, while also significantly improving the user experience for both clinical staff and study participants. The recent release also includes additional tools and features to enable users to build and execute studies as quickly as possible.   

The new Mednet module is the result of a year-long development process designed to significantly improve the user experience of Mednet’s ePRO capability, including fully optimizing the module for mobile tablets. The enhanced ePRO capability simplifies the process for site users to administer ePRO surveys, while also making it easier for study participants to complete the questionnaires in the office or at home. Mednet ePRO incorporates a responsive design, enabling it to be used on a variety of mobile devices, adapting to the specific orientation of the device. This enhancement establishes the foundation for future development efforts to enable other components of the Mednet platform to be optimized for mobile devices.    

The recent update continues to build on Mednet’s strategic priorities to expand its feature set while improving the overall user experience and addressing the rapidly evolving requirements of clinical research. The latest release was recently rolled out to existing customers and is also now available for new customers. Mednet will continue to maintain its desktop ePRO version for patients signing in from desktop applications. 

Mednet’s latest release also includes key features to dramatically improve the efficiency of key study processes. In addition to the optimized ePRO module, the release includes:  

  • Enhanced Lab Normals:  The new release rounds out the latest release of the Lab Normals capabilities, making it easier to delete lab configurations, unsubscribe labs from a study and retire business logic, such as lab edit checks. In addition, new dynamic field choices enable users to auto-populate a field within a study based on the lab ranges. The expanded module also allows users to copy lab normal configuration, while also enabling them to cascade changes to all subscribed studies.  
  • Simplified File Uploads and Downloads:  The enhanced feature includes new role-based security (RBS) rights at the study level and allows appropriate user access to download uploaded files in the Resource Center.  

“Even prior to COVID-19, a key priority for our development plan was to address the rapidly evolving demands of clinical trials, such as enabling remote participation of both key study roles and participants, and the impact of the pandemic has certainly only reinforced our focus,”  said Rob Robertson, chief executive officer, Mednet. “Delivering our new and enhanced ePRO functionality is a key milestone in addressing the emerging demands. It not only addresses the current and ongoing need to collect data from participants remotely, but it also establishes the foundation for us to optimize other components of our platform on mobile devices in the future.” 

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