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The iMednet eClinical platform offers a cost-effective solution with a full suite of native tools to simplify and shorten study build times, increase efficiency in study execution, and minimize costs through the duration of the study.

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Enabling Flexibility and Expertise in Clinical Trials

As sponsors and CROs try to get the most from their eClinical solutions, four priorities to consider when selecting an eClinical technology have clearly emerged as defining factors for success.

  • Functionality
  • Flexibility
  • Simplicity
  • Affordability

The new mindset of technology buyers demands that solution providers address these priorities simultaneously. All four are equally important. The combination of functionality, flexibility, simplicity and affordability determines how efficient, scalable, and proactive clinical trial teams can be in the face of increasingly complex and dynamic clinical trial requirements.

The combination also dictates the degree that clinical trial teams can enable their expertise and apply creativity to study design activities. The delicate balance of these four factors in an eClinical solution can help researchers maximize technology to enable expertise and flexibility throughout the entire clinical trial process.

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