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iMednet is a comprehensive, cloud-based, clinical data management system, centered around a robust EDC and built from the ground up with key native modules.

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Many Trials: One Comprehensive Clinical Data Management Solution

For clinical trial sponsors, assessing options in the global eClinical solutions market can be an overwhelming task. Emerging technologies, evolving standards, and increasingly complex clinical trial designs all impact a chaotic marketplace. Traditionally, research organizations use eClinical tools geared toward specific clinical phases.

Today, unified and flexible Clinical Data Management Solutions (CDMS), centered around a robust EDC built with core native applications that also allow for key integrations can deliver value across all types and phases of clinical trials. These solutions are supporting clinical trial design and execution as a comprehensive and flexible process rather than discrete tasks that require automation. The industry continues to seek automating and enabling options that address the challenges of conducting and managing clinical trials.


  • Using an EDC in Early Phases to Boost Study Efficiency
  • Choosing an EDC to Support Every Study Phase 
  • The Right Solution Means a Quick Build Time
  • Feature-Rich Platforms Enable Seamless Study Management
  • Unified Platforms Grow with You
  • Enabling Flexibility Throughout Clinical Trial Phases
  • One Solution

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