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The iMednet eClinical platform offers a cost-effective solution with a full suite of native tools to simplify and shorten study build times, increase efficiency in study execution, and minimize costs through the duration of the study.

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In 2016, 85% of trials failed to finish on time, resulting in up to $8 million per day in financial costs. Today, research teams are rethinking their processes and leveraging technology in new ways.

Our latest whitepaper explores the evolution of clinical trials through an industry survey of sponsors and CROs and the factors driving technological innovation – such as accelerated patient recruitment, improved efficiency, and reduced costs.


  • The Evolution of Clinical Trials
  • Changes in Practice
  • Challenges to Innovation
  • The Potential to Reduce and Eliminate Traditional Barriers
  • Considerations for Choosing Technology Solutions
  • A Rapidly Evolving Landscape

Download the whitepaper: