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It’s no secret that technology plays an increasingly prominent role in clinical trials. New advances in technology that are changing the face of the industry, bring new opportunities and challenges to clinical trial professionals at every level and at clinical trial sites around the world. But how exactly are clinical trial sites using technology, and how satisfied are they with it?

Electronic data capture and clinical trial management systems, and other e-clinical solutions are helping teams accelerate research, improve compliance, and meet on-time and on-budget study milestones. In most cases, the technology being used is specified by the trial sponsor. This means that the site team is contractually obligated to use a particular system and often must learn multiple systems to support trials sponsored by different companies. These systems provide site teams with tools for study coordination, patient and investigator communications, data collection and management, task management, quality control, and auditing. They help reduce risk in clinical trials. By using structured workflows to collect information from any source – paper or electronic – clinical trial technologies increase data reliability as well as the speed of data capture. They also ease compliance reporting burdens by providing centralized data security, document retention, and audit trails required for regulatory authorities.

It’s important clinical trial sites have access to software that meets their unique needs. To be successful, most site teams are demanding flexibility and functionality. They want to be able to easily collect data from a variety of sources and transmit it in a variety of formats—and not have to log in and out of multiple systems. They also want technology that can integrate with other tools, for a seamless user experience. As more research organizations implement these types of systems, many sites are looking for ways to streamline operations with integrated platform solutions.

The Mednet team is committed to listening to both our customers and our site users, and we continue to use their input to deliver the functionality and ease of use demanded by sites and the broader clinical research team. Download our recent whitepaper, “Site Satisfaction: The Importance of Easy-to-Use Technologies”, to learn more.


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