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Trial Management

Mednet’s trial management modules streamline processes and make it easy to manage a wide range of clinical research in one platform. Native modules and tools in Mednet provide complete visibility and allow you to focus on what’s important, while improving the efficiency of key tasks, such as site payments, reporting, document tracking and more.

  • CTMS
  • RBM

Effectively conduct and manage clinical research

iMednet’s native trial administration modules streamline processes and make it easy to manage a wide range of clinical research in one platform.

Focus on what matters most

Customized CTMS functionality enables you to manage and track critical components of your study within iMednet. Capture and efficiently manage monitor trip checklists and easily track site-level information, including site document collection status, training reports, site rosters and more.

Take control of your site payments

Improve efficiency, enhance visibility and increase site satisfaction when you streamline your clinical trials site payments with the iMednet Payment Manager. Easily apply site-specific budgets, view and approve eligible payments and access a complete transaction history all in the same platform.

Access robust reporting for real-time data insight

Quickly create unique reports in multiple formats with iMednet’s Report Manager.

Accurately assess potential study risks and future performance

iMednet’s RBM module provides complete risk planning, targeted SDV and visualization libraries.

Track IRB and other regulatory documents with ease

Increase visibility and efficiently track documents like IRB approval and renewal dates, IRB rosters, IRB registrations and other regulatory documents in iMednet.

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