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Fully Enhanced Trial Supply Manager Module Delivers Robust and Optimized Capabilities 

MINNEAPOLIS – December 16, 2021 – Today Mednet, a healthcare technology company, announced its latest software release expanding the supply depot capabilities in its Trial Supply Manager. The new release includes enhancements to enable auto resupply functionality to work with supply depots, significantly streamlining processes and improving efficiency. In addition, the recent release also includes new functionality to enable users to move inventory across different regions or ship inventory from depot to depot, depot to site or site to site.  

The new and enhanced Trial Supply Manager, a component of Mednet’s Randomization and Trial Supply Management (RTSM) module, was released earlier this year, featuring a new and improved user interface to optimize the user experience, new features to address key supply management requirements and tools to simplify setup of trial supply. The expanded supply depot capabilities in the latest release are critical to the future of clinical trials. As clinical trial designs become more complex, global and decentralized, multiple supply depots are critical to support different geographic regions, sites and models, while also allowing for varying product or dosage types. The automation of resupply significantly streamlines and simplifies supply chain processes for research teams. 

Mednet’s latest release also includes key features to improve the efficiency of other study processes. In addition to the new supply depot capabilities, the release includes improved functionality to simplify the process of including external field-form values when users pull their datasets in iMednet Datasets on Demand (DOD). Previously, the platform enabled users to display key data on additional case report forms using external items, but it required the user to create advanced edit checks to include the data in the raw data output (DOD). Users can now simply select the external values the DOD inclusion criteria and these key datapoints are now included in the output.  

The recent update continues to build on Mednet’s strategic priorities to expand its feature set to address the emerging requirements of clinical trials, while continuing to enhance capabilities to streamline study build and execution processes. The latest release was recently rolled out to existing customers and is also now available for new customers.  

“Clinical research is becoming more complex, with increasing globalization, a growing trend toward decentralized trials and an increasing pressure to build and execute studies as efficiently as possible,” said Rob Robertson, chief executive officer, Mednet. “Mednet prioritizes these emerging demands in its product development strategy and roadmap. This latest release further optimizes the iMednet platform with new features and enhancements to significantly improve the user experience and increase efficiency, while enabling research teams to optimally address today’s study design requirements.”  

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