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iMednet is a comprehensive, cloud-based, clinical data management system, centered around a robust EDC and built from the ground up with key native modules.

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Enhancements are Foundation of Development Plan to Optimize eClinical Solution

MINNEAPOLIS – October 10, 2018 – Mednet, a healthcare technology company, today announced the latest release of its all-in-one eClinical software, iMednet. The new release enhances scalability and security, improves the user experience and provides additional tools for reporting and planning. The release was recently rolled out to existing customers and is also now available for new customers.

The latest release represents the foundation of Mednet’s development goals to support the future of clinical trials. The recent software upgrades will enable iMednet to scale more easily and support larger and more geographically diverse clinical trials, while also providing the foundation for future integration enhancements. Key components of iMednet’s latest release include:

  • Improved Infrastructure and Scalability
    • Updated code language and other enhancements support larger studies and larger customers, provides more flexibility for database partitioning and enables data storage in Europe.
  • Enhanced User Experience
    • Comprehensive Workflow Manager. Optimized from the previous release, users will save time trying to determine status and prioritize task with clear “calls to action”.
    • Cross-form Business Logic (BL). Updated BL provides the flexibility to display data from one form into another form while optionally impacting record status.
  • Expanded Reporting and Planning Tools
    • Additional Charting Capabilities. Users can easily access comprehensive charts and graphs and seamlessly export them in multiple file formats.
    • Optimized Scheduling Tools. Coordinators can easily schedule appointments based on study protocol, as well as filter patients based on status.

“The Increasing complexity of study design, greater attention to data security and advancements in technology are rapidly evolving how data is captured and managed in clinical trials,” said Rob Robertson, chief executive officer, Mednet. “This release is just one step in part of our comprehensive near-term development plans to optimize iMednet to fully support the evolving needs of clinical trials.”

To learn more about the latest iMednet release and future development plans, contact us or register for the upcoming webinar.