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MINNEAPOLIS and BOSTON – December 12, 2019 – Today, Mednet, a provider a eClinical solutions for the global life sciences community, and Baim Institute for Clinical Research (Baim), a nonprofit academic research organization (ARO), announced they have entered into an agreement under which Baim will use the Adjudication Module of Mednet’s all-in-one eClinical solution, iMednet, in all of its studies requiring adjudication.

“The increasing regulatory pressure for independent adjudication, coupled with greater complexity in study designs and varied endpoints, makes managing the adjudication process challenging,” said Alexandra Popma, chief operating officer, Baim Institute for Clinical Research. “The iMednet Adjudication Module fits every type of our required event adjudications, helping us streamline the process in studies requiring adjudication, while also providing broad visibility.”

Clinical trials are becoming increasingly complex, with a growing pressure to build and execute studies as quickly as possible. Coupled with this is an escalating regulatory demand for independent adjudication of endpoints, creating additional pressure on research organizations and study sponsors. By leveraging iMednet’s Adjudication Module, Baim will increase efficiency and improve visibility to individual adverse events, adjudication results and summary metrics, while also significantly reducing the potential for error. 

“We’re excited to be working with Baim, a highly respected academic research organization with a strong reputation for quality,” said Rick Bernstein, chief commercial officer, Mednet. “We’re confident our highly flexible eClinical solution, specifically the Adjudication Module, will help Baim achieve its goals, while also greatly increasing the efficiency and visibility of the adjudication process.”

To learn more about the Baim Institute for Clinical Research and Mednet partnership, contact us.

About Mednet

Mednet is a healthcare technology company specializing in eClinical solutions designed for the global life sciences community. Mednet’s all-in-one eClinical platform improves the efficiency of clinical studies of all types and sizes. Beyond simply electronic data capture (EDC), Mednet’s comprehensive solution set provides the tools required to build and manage all types of clinical research, while adapting to evolving demands and requirements. Pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology and Contract Research Organizations (CROs) around the world have trusted Mednet for nearly 20 years to deliver the technology innovation, experience and reliability they need for success. For more information, visit mednetsolutions.com.

About Baim Institute for Clinical Research

The Baim Institute for Clinical Research is a leading, non-profit academic research organization (ARO) that delivers insight, innovation, and leadership in today’s dynamic research environment. The Baim Institute for Clinical Research was originally formed as the Cardiovascular Data Analysis Center (CDAC) at Beth Israel Hospital in 1993. With rapid growth in the late 1990s, it became a stand-alone organization, the Harvard Clinical Research Institute (HCRI) in 2000, and the Baim Institute for Clinical Research in 2016. Baim collaborates with the world’s most highly respected researchers from renowned institutions to design and run clinical trials and is committed to finding creative solutions and delivering timely results that help advance health and quality of life around the world. The Baim Institute combines the operational capabilities and quality necessary to manage both large and small clinical studies, leveraging world-class scientific leadership. For more information, visit baiminstitute.org.