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The iMednet eClinical platform offers a cost-effective solution with a full suite of native tools to simplify and shorten study build times, increase efficiency in study execution, and minimize costs through the duration of the study.

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Maximizing efficiency in clinical trials is imperative to keep pace with scientific discoveries, optimize resources and bring new products to market as quickly as possible. The right eClinical solution can help data managers effectively contribute to this goal by streamlining the entire process, from study design and data collection to database lock and reporting.

This case study highlights how Statistics & Data Corporation (SDC), a clinical research organization (CRO), maximized process efficiencies after transitioning to the iMednet eClinical technology platform. SDC realized more than 50% reduction in labor by improving efficiencies throughout the process including:

  • Database build and validation process
  • Edit check and workflow configuration
  • Internal User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

One area in particular where they noticed exceptional labor savings was in “reproducing” studies – developing new databases for existing clients by utilizing form libraries and reusing previously created workflows, processes and reports.

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