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SCOPE Summit 2022 in Orlando, FL is less than two weeks away, and the Mednet team is looking forward to exhibiting in person for the first time in two years! If you are attending in person, we hope you will stop by our booth for a bit of fun and to learn more about Mednet and how our product has evolved in the past couple years.  

As always there are an abundance of topics being discussed and presented by clinical research thought leaders around the world – with the theme, Driving Innovation in Clinical Trials and Digital Health. We looked at the agenda and identified a few sessions tackling important topics, sharing critical practical expertise, and / or suggesting a visionary approach to clinical trials. Below are a few entries from our “DON’T MISS” List.   

Connected Health 

Tuesday, February 8, 2022 

9:10 am KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Case Study: Moving Beyond the Promise of Connected Health, Learning from Implementation at Scale 

Adama Ibrahim, Director, Digital Solutions, Technology, Platforms, Data & Digital Global Drug Development at Novartis Pharma AG and Justin Wright, MD, Vice President, Global Head Connected Health at Novartis share their connected health case study. They will highlight the digital health tools that they want to make available to clinicians, patients, and pharma research teams to deliver on their vision of improving the overall health care experience and access to trials. They’ll talk about the integrated patient experience, delivering greater value to stakeholders, and how connected health improves communications and data exchange. 

Connecting practical patient experiences to a broader vision is what connected health is all about. The topic should elicit important discussions from across the industry, including patient advocates, technology providers, healthcare providers, and payers.  

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) 

Wednesday, February 9, 2022 

Afternoon Plenary Keynote: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) and Speaking the Language of Business and Leadership 

The session kicks off with a presentation on the move to digital clinical trials, continues with a presentation about the imperatives driving change in the DE&I space and then opens to a panel discussion about implicit bias in advocacy and decision making. The focus throughout the session is on speaking the language of business and leadership when communicating about effective ways to engage minority populations in clinical trials.  

The variety of topics being covered by representatives from the Black Cancer Collaborative, NIH, and others, make this a must-see session. These highly qualified presenters will surely offer unique insights into the incredibly important topics that profoundly impact clinical trials today and in the future.   

Real World Data/Real World Evidence (RWD/RWE) 

Thursday, February 10, 2022

8:25 am: Methodological and Related Issues in the Use of Real-World Evidence to Enhance Drug Development 

8:55 am: Real-World Trial: The Role of RWD in Innovating Traditional Clinical Trial 

In the first session, Demissie Alemayehu, PhD, Vice President of Biostatistics at Pfizer will highlight the common operational and methodological challenges that RWE presents and review recent developments in modern analytics.These practical insights are coming at a good time, when clinical teams are seeking best practices.  

Dr. Alemayehu’s presentation will be followed by Dr. Xia Wang’s discussion of the role of RWD in innovative clinical trials. Xia Wang, PhD, is Head of RWE Early Solution, Global Real-World Evidence and Digital Sciences at UCB. She’ll be focusing on the use of electronic health records (EHRs) to enhance clinical trials and will continue to carry the ‘Best Practices’ flag.   

These two presentations promise to offer experience-driven insights into both the challenges and the benefits of RWD/RWE. These types of discussion are important to the development of new practices and a better understanding of emerging challenges.  

Industry conferences like SCOPE allow us to share ideas and come together to tackle difficult problems in all aspects of clinical research. SCOPE offers a unique opportunity to listen, learn, and collaborate toward our common goals. The industry has evolved so rapidly in the past couple years, we are particularly looking forward to attending and reconnecting. We hope we will see you there.  

You can learn more about the SCOPE Summit here. If you are attending, make sure to stop by the Mednet booth, #830, to learn about our comprehensive EDC-centric platform, iMednet, and hear about our extensive experience supporting global clinical trials.