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The iMednet eClinical platform offers a cost-effective solution with a full suite of native tools to simplify and shorten study build times, increase efficiency in study execution, and minimize costs through the duration of the study.

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The clinical trials industry is evolving rapidly. New data sources, advances in medicine and emerging study design models are pushing constant change and innovation. At the same time, there is a constant pressure to deliver drugs to the market faster and at lower cost. These pressures are often accentuated for CROs challenged with delivering significant value to research sponsors, while working toward delivering a broad range of capabilities and managing tight deadlines and increasing requirements. To achieve their goals, and the goals of their sponsors, CROs need to be particularly selective in choosing a technology partner – opting for vendors that value deep partnership and provide flexible, comprehensive and cost-effective technology solutions. 

Flexibility to Enable You to Shift to Emerging Requirements 

Highly flexible, efficient and complete technology solutions can help CROs provide additional and exceptional value to their clients. A comprehensive platform with a robust set of capabilities – while allowing for integrations with other technologies – enables research teams to swiftly adapt to the rapidly emerging requirements of clinical research, while supporting a wide range of study types and designs. The Mednet platform is uniquely designed to address these needs. It is a comprehensive, cloud-based clinical data management system, centered around a robust EDC and built from the ground up with key native modules. Highly flexible and intuitive, users can get studies up and running quickly, while enabling easy onboarding of the entire research teams and clinical trials sites. The easily accessible Mednet API also enables CRO teams to easily integrate with other clinical research technologies.  

An Optimal Solution Enables You to Showcase Your Expertise  

Too often, technology solutions force users to adapt to fit within the parameters of the software versus the other way around. Optimal solutions should be flexible enough to support diverse sponsor requirements as well as varying CRO experience and expertise. As clinical trials increase in complexity, flexible technologies designed to meet the varying needs of CRO teams and allow experts to apply their knowledge and experience can provide a competitive edge. 

Mednet’s platform is uniquely designed for a variety of skillsets and to enable CROs to showcase their expertise. Features like intelligent build tools enable teams to use wizards and other business logic to quickly design and build a study, without the need for costly programming resources. At the same time, the platform also allows CROs to leverage their expertise and use existing programming resources to customize the study design. This flexibility helps the CRO team respond to differing needs of sponsors while enabling them to take the best advantage of internal skill sets and offer more valuable services. 

Flexible Support to Meet Your Unique and Emerging Needs 

While a platform that is easy-to-use is critical for success, the complexity of clinical research and data collection creates inherent complexity in study design processes. Identifying vendors who can deliver flexible and comprehensive training and support services is important to enable CROs to get their studies up and running quickly and keep them on track. At the same time, each CRO is different, bringing varying levels of capabilities and capacity. Similarly, capacity may vary depending on other competing priorities at the time. Mednet’s approach to study build and support methodology is designed with this in mind, enabling customers to become expert users and build their own studies, or, if needed, contract with Mednet to build studies for them. In either scenario, customers can easily access additional support and on-demand training tools as needed. The collaborative approach ensures the quickest path to success.  

Customers always have 24X7 access to the Mednet Learning Management System (LMS). Within the system, users will find a library of courses that include hands-on videos, documented best practices, and comprehensive designer guides for each class. 

Extending Your Team Through Partnership 

In the highly complex and rapidly evolving world of clinical trials, a strong partnership between a contract research organization (CRO) and its technology partner is critical to success. A strong relationship extending beyond a typical vendor / business services agreement provides the greatest potential to meet the needs of the shifting landscape and address the most complex study designs and challenges. Ultimately, such a partnership also presents the greatest opportunity to deliver the most optimal results for research sponsors. 

A true partnership – where the technology company is an extension of the CRO team and vice versa – can deliver exponential value. An open line of communication fosters this type of relationship, where there is a constant feedback loop between customers, the customer success team, product development and key stakeholders within each organization. This type of relationship enables both organizations to identify and swiftly adapt to emerging demands by fostering creative collaboration and innovative problem solving to deliver new and better solutions – and ultimately, value to research sponsors.  

Mednet views its CRO partners as much more than a transactional relationship – they are true partners. CRO partners meet regularly with the Mednet product and operations teams, are active voices in the user group community and collaborate with the business development team on co-marketing and co-selling opportunities.  

To learn more about the Mednet platform or partnership opportunities for CROs, contact us.