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Next week, life sciences professionals from around the globe will attend the DIA’s first Virtual Annual Meeting. The panel sessions, presentations and exhibitors will still “convene” for scientific and technological knowledge-sharing. The DIA’s online platform will enable networking and remote learning via a simple web browser.

Even though the meeting has been moved to the digital realm, it is still packed with timely session topics and expert panelists and speakers. We can look forward to:

  • Over 35 sessions relating to clinical trial operations topics
  • Close to 20 sessions relating to data standards
  • Over 15 sessions on patient engagement topics

DIA 2020 is also designated as a “PATIENTS INCLUDED” meeting, which means the program is committed to incorporating the experience of patients – as experts in living with their condition, while ensuring they are neither excluded nor exploited.

Throughout the program agenda, we see important topics like technology and innovation, big data and digital transformation. The prevalence of these topics captures this unique moment in time when R&D teams are challenged to think and operate differently. It is a time of transformation that requires efficient operations, accurate in-process assessments, quick decisions, and rapid responses. Many of the sessions are targeting these evolving needs by offering proposed solutions. Others are seeking to move conversations forward by motivating deeper discussions.

Across all 13 educational tracks, we noticed a continuing theme – the need for greater flexibility. This growing need is appearing in all aspects of life sciences. Flexibility breeds innovation and creativity. It impacts industry, academia, patients and regulators. It has officially moved from the ‘nice to have’ list to the ‘high-priority/essential’ list. And now the DIA 2020 program reflects its increasing importance.

Below are a few sessions that speak to this required flexibility.

  • Regulatory Agility During the Covid-19 Pandemic
    Tuesday June 16 at 8:00 am EDT
    Representatives from the MHRA, FDA and EMA will discuss “new regulatory mechanisms and flexibility of regulatory expectations to balance risk and availability.”
  • The Changing Role of the Data Professional
    Monday, June 15 @ 2:30 pm EDT
    This session will discuss the changing role of data management and how it is impacted by technology, organizational changes, and emerging regulations. 

From multi-regional clinical trials to including the patient voice in trial design to diversity in clinical trials, we see the steady call for transformation and the need for greater flexibility. Any kind of change requires some degree of flexibility. As life sciences teams face the struggle of managing complex trials and looking for ways to shorten timelines, flexibility inherently becomes essential to success. Optimizing processes usually requires changing roles. Changing roles may require new skill sets. And new skill sets require quicker ramp up and onboarding of skilled resources. This is how the need for flexibility has grown so quickly.

At Mednet, we prioritize flexibility in our product design. We understand how changing requirements, complex regulatory obligations and novel science converge in clinical trials. We also understand the role that technology plays as a foundation for innovative science.  Mednet will be sporting our flexibility as a Virtual Exhibitor at DIA 2020. Visit us in the Exhibit Hall, check out our product information and schedule a live demo. Though the venue is unexpected, we look forward to this new opportunity to interact with our industry colleagues and all of the great content that is being presented at DIA 2020.