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In the past several weeks, much has changed for all of us. The COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing guidelines are adding new pressures across all aspects of our lives, and we know clinical trials are no exception. During these challenging times, our team at Mednet is effectively adapting to the new demands and shifting priorities for our customers. We remain fully prepared to support our customers in keeping current clinical studies track, while swiftly adapting to needs for new study types.

For urgent research needs such as for COVID-19, we recently announced a discount program to make it easier for research organizations to use our clinical data management system. Mednet is providing a 50% discount for all new immunology-related research projects through the end of the year to support research organizations conducting any type of immunology-related research, including clinical studies on COVID-19 vaccines, diagnostics and treatments.

Recognizing the challenges in the current environment, the FDA recently issued new guidance for research organizations for conducting clinical studies during the COVID-19 pandemic. The guidance details considerations such as ensuring safety of participants, potential protocol changes, COVID-19 screening and considerations for potential remote participation of both patients and monitors. Mednet is working to address these considerations along with customer concerns and offering other ways to adjust. For example, we are adapting – and helping our customers adapt – our software to enable monitors to review data remotely when it is challenging or prohibited for monitors to visit sites. Additionally, as a native module in our comprehensive platform, our ePRO module can be seamlessly added to any study to enable customers to collect information from patients remotely.

Our technology is uniquely capable of serving new and current studies in times of urgency and uncertainty.  Our comprehensive clinical data management system (CDMS) is designed to be highly flexible to enable fast and efficient study builds and execution of any type of clinical research. New treatments and a vaccine are urgently needed, and we’re excited to see many of our customers quickly adapt to this demand and adjust their research and development plans accordingly. The rapid innovation in this area is exciting and reassuring, but flexible and nimble technology is required to bring these new treatments and a vaccine to market as quickly as possible. The Mednet platform is designed to enable efficient study start-up and data collection, while providing a highly configurable platform and remote monitoring capabilities to enable research teams to easily adapt to new environmental demands. And, our experienced teams ensure we are prepared to support you as you navigate this new environment. 

Since our founding nearly twenty years ago, Mednet has been dedicated to supporting life sciences organizations as they develop new and innovative treatments to improve health and healthcare. Now more than ever, we are committed to this mission as we all navigate through these unprecedented times.